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Edmingle provides easy-to-use and comprehensive set of features that enables you to tackle you day to day operations, communication with teachers, students & parents and managing your courses. All this under a single account!

Learning Management System

Create customized courses and go deep by adding relevant sections to it. Prepare a proper curriculum for students so that their learning is better planned and organized.

Curriculum Planner

Plan your course in an organized way.

Multimedia Teaching Materials

Upload videos, documents and other relevant teaching materials

Assignments & Homeworks

Keep your students engaged with the course.

Online / Offline Exams

Easily generate test papers and give online or print outs.

Usage & Progress Statistics

Be on top of student's progress.

Online Exams

Conduct test series, talent hunt examination, aptitude tests, etc directly from your website or app. Generate leads through social media sharing.

App & Web Based

The tests can be taken from any device.

Question Randomization

Automated test generation through random selection from question banks.

Test Scheduling

Schedule the exam at the time of choice.

Instant Results & Analytics

In depth section wise report for students.


Generate rank lists for tests and give report cards.

Institute Management System

Everything you need to manage day-to-day operations, classrooms and generate business reports.

Time Table Management

Generate students & teacher schedules. Alter schedules in a hassle-free manner.

Attendance Management

Manage attendance and easily share with parents.

Fees Management

Stay on top of your income numbers, pending fee installments and reminders.

SMS & Notifications

Close the communication gaps through announcements and notifications.

Examination Management

Create and examinations, upload marks and generate report cards.

Multi-Branch Management

Manage all your branches from a single place. Stay on top of your business.

Feedback Management

Take regular feedbacks from students and parents to improve the quality of your insitution.

Expense Management

Never lose track of expenses. Get categorized reports for all your business expenses.

Enquiry Management

Convert more leads through our robust enquiry management system.

Online Selling

Sell your course packages, test series, books and other content directly through your website and mobile application.

Dedicated Landing Page

Dedicated landing page designed as per your brand and design of courses.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway of your choice integrated with your sales portal.

Promo Codes & Offer

Attract more buyers using promo codes and offers.

Test Paper Generator

Quickly generate test papers in required format.

Question Banks Management

Organize your questions into respective categories.

Question Files Upload

We support excel and word files upload to insert questions.

Question & Option Randomization

Automated test generation through random selection of questions from question bank.

Printable Tests

Directly print the test paper in required format.

All your favourite features now available on your branded mobile app!