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Edmingle is an all-in-one platform offering solutions to conduct online exams, enable digital learning, tackle day to day operations and grow business through online selling.

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What do I get with Edmingle?

Learning Management System

Give your students an extra-edge through a digital course delivery system supporting all types of teaching materials and tests.

Online Exams Management

Easily conduct online examinations directly from website or app and generate report cards.

Institute Management System

Tackle day-to-day operational tasks with increased productivity and generate reports to gain insights.

Course & Content Selling

Expand your reach by selling your courses, videos, books, test series, etc directly from you own branded mobile app and website.

Question Paper Generator

Generate test papers with few easy steps in the format of your choice.

Digital Marketing

Genarate more leads through our highly targeted digital campaigns focused towards increasing engagement.

Customized Mobile Apps for easy accessiblity!

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